Worldwide Cowries
Gallery of specimens from my collection.

Cyp. armeniaca brunnea                          ww_brunea_1
Cyp. broderipii   'One of the biggest'                  ww_broderipii_1
Cyp. cervus   'Still looking for bigger than this'             ww_cervus_1
Cyp. connelli                                 ww_connelli_1
Cyp. cribraria   'One of the biggest with side spot'           ww_cribraria_1
Cyp. dillwynii   'One of the biggest'                   ww_dillwynii_1
Cyp. perlae eludens                             ww_eludens_1
Cyp. fallax   'From old collection'                    ww_fallax_1
Cyp. fultoni   'One of the biggest'                    ww_fultoni_1
Cyp. hirasei   'Punta Engano'                      ww_hirasei_1
Cyp. iutsui                                   ww_iutsui_1
Cyp. jeaniana  'By Taiwanease boat, Old days'              ww_jeaniana_1
Cyp. jeaniana aurata   'By Taiwanease boat, Old days'           ww_aurata_1
Cyp. langfordii                                ww_langfordii_1
Cyp. leucodon   'Punta Engano'                     ww_leucodon_1
Cyp. exmouthensis magnifica   'Fresh dead, but nice and callous'       ww_magnifica_1
Cyp. mauritiana   'One of the biggest'                  ww_mauritiana_1
Cyp. ostergaardi   'Fresh dead, but not bad'              ww_ostergaardi_1
Cyp. porteri   'One of my favorite species'                ww_porteri_1
Cyp. sulcidentata   'One of the biggest, old days'            ww_sulcidentata_1
Cyp. teramachi   'Philippines/New Caledonia form'          ww_teramachi_1   
Cyp. valentia   'I don't forget impression when I got this shell at first time'           ww_valentia_1
Cyp. venusta                               ww_venusta_1  

Cyp. pyrum angolensis                             ww_angolensis_1
Cyp. miliaris    'Pale form'                         ww_miliaris_1

Cyp. langfordi    'Forms from East China Sea' 'extra large'        ww_langfordi_2
Cyp. teramachi    'Forms from East China Sea 'large'           ww_teramachi_3
Cyp. tessellata   'Hawaiian Beauty'                ww_tessellata_1
Cyp. katsuae     'Very similar with Cyp.musumea'        ww_katsuae_1
Cyp. stolida kwajaleinensis   'Extra large'             ww_kwajaleinensis_1
Cyp. semiplota annae                      ww_annae_1